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About ELM

Who is ELM

ELM is a leading provider of innovative home and building solutions. For over 50 years ELM has been the national gold standard in creating high performance custom solutions provided directly to consumers, contractors, distributors and fabricators, when and where they need them most.
By integrating our deep expertise across product development, manufacturing, direct selling, and exceptional customer service, ELM delivers winning home & building solutions across our family of companies.

Home and Building Solutions by ELM
ELM's Mission Statement


ELM’s mission is to build the highest quality, fastest growing home and building solution brands that integrates our expertise across product development, manufacturing, direct selling and exceptional customer service.

ELM's Vision Statement


ELM’s vision is to become the most trusted & recognized provider of home and building solutions.

Core Competencies

ELMs Product and Material Manufacturing

Product & Material Manufacturing

Gold standard manufacturing competency, delivering the highest quality, coated coil metal products available.

Our metal coating expertise and environmentally advanced LEED compliant paint line is
unmatched in the marketplace.

ELMs Direct to Consumer Sales Model

Direct-to-Consumer Sales Model

ELM has cultivated a market-leading direct selling organization. From high volume lead generation, to in-person sale conversion, and on-site installation. ELM does in days what others take weeks to accomplish, strengthening

our competitive advantage

in the marketplace.

ELMs Speed to Market Platform

Speed to Market Platform

ELM companies share a unique combination of sophisticated materials supply chain management, and an installed base of on-site roll-forming machines. With on-site custom finishing, teams can deliver the highest quality, and do it more efficiently than competitors.

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